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    [in]hale: a membership for manifesting a spiritually-led life

    [In]hale is a breathwork and meditation membership and portal of practices created with the sole intention of supporting you in becoming a master of your life, your career, your relationships and your mindset. Through monthly group sessions and an entire library of themed breathwork and meditation practices ranging from 10-40 minutes, this membership is an environment for you to plug into throughout the month when you want to amplify your power, let go and shake off the old, gain clarity on your path forward, or simply create the peace, balance and presence necessary to show up as the greatest version of yourself for all of life’s opportunities and demands.

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    Becoming Influential: The Masterclass

    I am so excited for you to dive into this masterclass. Click the links below for access.
  • 7 Lessons

    Breathwork: The Course

    Welcome to BREATHWORK! We are so excited for you to embark upon this journey of self discovery, personal development, nervous system regulation and identity work…
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    Flood Gates: The Masterclass

    Inside Flood Gates: The Masterclass we are going to re-ignite the magic and use breathwork to open you mentally, emotionally, and intuitively! I am so…
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    Foundations: Breathwork Course

    Foundations is the ultimate personal development course focused on how we can utilize our breath to radically transform our identity, our relationships, our work and our lives overall. This go-at-your-own-pace six week program will help you to develop a personal breathwork and meditation practice that is uniquely your own - even in as little as 5 minutes a day. If you are excited about the potential to create a life beyond your wildest dreams and are ready to use your breath as a catalyst for change, join us inside of Foundations.

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    Group Magic Mini-Mind

    8 Weeks to Expanding Your Reach, Maximizing Your Time, and Scaling Your One-to-Many Groups
  • 2 Lessons

    Group Magic Mini-Mind 2023

    8 Weeks to Expanding Your Reach, Maximizing Your Time, and Scaling Your One-to-Many Groups
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    Redefine the rules of success and trailblaze your way through 2024 (while teaching others how to do the same!)

    Welcome to Inner Revolution - the 14-Day Bootcamp that's not just about success; it's about YOUR success, YOUR way. In a world painted with infinite possibilities, it's time to break free from the patterns and discover the vibrant hues of your unique design.

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    Money + Magnetism

    The Money + Magnetism Workshop is here to serve you in disengaging from your past relationship with money, learning the energetics of attraction and magnetism,…
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    Passion to Profit

    Join International Business Mentor and Online Education Expert, Ava Johanna, for a 2-Part Masterclass for aspiring online entrepreneurs, coaches, and service-based leaders that are ready to create a business from your passion, make an impact AND income.
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    PROXIMITY: The Membership

    This is the membership you've been waiting for. Every program. Every masterclass. Every course.

    You. Me. Walking side by side for an entire year. Business. Money. Energetics. Leadership. Coaching. Embodiment. Mind blowing results.

    Think of this as your all-access pass into building the online business of your dreams, becoming wildly wealthy, and seeing just how far you can go when you stay plugged into power for an entire year. 

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    The Academy of Breath – 12 Week Breathwork Certification

    The Academy of Breath™ is a 12- week online training founded with the intention to bring more meditation + breath healers into the world by empowering you to take your own daily practice to the next level. Embodiment of these practices is the foundation of any personal mastery equipping you with the tools to thrive in all areas of life - relationships, intuition, career, and Self. By the end of the 12 weeks, you'll be on a fast track to confidently sharing your voice as a teacher, connecting to your purpose, and finding clarity on your path to the inevitable success that comes from living in alignment.

  • 18 Lessons

    The Academy of Breath – 12 Week Breathwork Certification Fall 2023

    Welcome to The Academy of Breath! We are so excited to have you here. Under our “Welcome” section, you will find all the details, schedule,…
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